Serving Homebound Members of Our Community

Calcasieu Council on Aging provides much-needed resources for elderly citizens

Every member of Calcasieu Parish is important. That doesn't mean that every community member receives the assistance they need to stay healthy, social and happy. Calcasieu Council on Aging offers a wide range of programs benefitting the elderly and disabled members of our community. Our goal is to help these people retain their independence, as much as possible.

All of our services are free of charge for participants. This is due to state and federal funding. Our services are based on need, not financial situation. If you need our resources to retain your independence, we want to help. Visit one of our seven senior centers in the Calcasieu Parish today. You can get more information on services or sign up for a program.

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We provide support to nursing home residents and their families.

Home Delivered Meals

Providing warm meals to housebound community members.


Our three buses allow us to transport community members to and from many places.

ADRC (Adult Disability Resource Center)

You can't take advantage of helpful services if you don't know about them.

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Established in 1983, Calcasieu Council on Aging aims to help our community's elderly and disabled citizens retain their independence. We're the only resource in the Calcasieu Parish of this kind, making our work even more important. Our team helps local community members by:

Delivering warm meals to homebound people on weekdays

Serving meals at designated locations to bring people together

Transporting participants to and from doctor's appointments and errands

Scheduling routine home cleaning services for the main areas of people's homes

Providing helpful information from the ADRC (Adult Disability Resource Center)

Serving as liaisons between nursing homes and their residents

We're always happy to have new community members get involved. Consult one of our team members today to learn more about our needs and current programs.

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